Summers upon us here’s a few quick ways to make that tank of gas go farther.

There are many things you can do to help save gas both in your driving habits and your car. in this post were going to cover a few quick and easy changes that will help in both areas. Lets start off with the Vehicle itself. All vehicles have some type of gas cap that needs to be removed to refuel but if that gas cap is broken be it cracked or dented it can allow gas to vaporize from your gas tank. So the first thing to do is make sure you have a gas cap in good condition. Our second tip is a simple one! Check your tire pressure! Under inflated tired actually cause more road to tire contact increasing resistance which in turn increases fuel consumption. This is an easy fix bring it by our free air hose and top those tires up. If your not sure what pressure the tire will usually say on it or the inside door panel if not bring it by the lube shop and well fix you up free of charge! The biggest way to see an improvement on gas mileage is to check your engine air filter. To burn gas the engine require oxygen because any flame always requires a little air to burn. The engine air filter is the filter that takes the debris out of the air that your engine uses if this is clogged your engine has to work harder to suck the air in, the harder the engine works the more gas it consumes. So a clean filter will fix this problem, come buy and pick one up today. That deals with the vehicle side of things now onto fixing your gas guzzling driving habits. There’s one simple answer to this problem be a defensive driver, not only is it safer it consumes less gas. Studies have show defensive driving can increase gas mileage by 33 percent. Now you might be asking yourself what is defensive driving? Its as simple as accelerating at a slower pace maintaining a certain speed letting the car glide if possible the little things tend to add up. With those tips in mind drive on in gas saving style! TipsToSaveOnGas_rounded